Another Saudi Christian in Big Trouble

Another Saudi national has waded into controversy and possibly worse after he insulted the Prophet Mohammad via Twitter on Wednesday. Hamoud Saleh Al-Amri is a self-described convert to Christianity who lives in Mecca and calls himself the "Mecca Pastor."  Muslim social network users are openly calling for his arrest and trial, some even calling for death  (The only way to silence those who insult God and his prophet). Al-Amri was first arrested in 2004 for "attacks on Islam," where he was detained for 9 months and in 2008 for one month where he was tortured with sleep deprivation, solitary confinement, physical torture, and continual insults.  Arrested again in 2009, He was released March 28th, 2009 on the grounds that he wouldn't travel outside of Saudi Arabia or appear on the media. He attributed his release to the efforts of the Cairo-based Arab Network for Human Rights Information, though the director of the organization claims they were not responsible and...(Read Full Post)