All is Well. Remain Calm

I can't help but channel Kevin Bacon from Animal House while reading the news that 1.8 million dead people are registered to vote. Remember: We don't need Voter ID laws because our system is sound as...well, a dollar. Politico: The United States' voter registration system is in chaos -- about 24 million registrations are no longer valid and nearly 2 million dead people are still on voter rolls, according to a new report Tuesday. Along with the one of every eight voter registrations that is not valid or has significant inaccuracies, there are 2.75 million people currently registered to vote in more than one state, the Pew Center on the States study found. And the millions of problematic registrations aren't the only issue -- researchers estimate at least 51 million eligible U.S. citizens aren't registered to vote. That's nearly one in four, or 24 percent of the eligible population. Additionally, about 12 million records have incorrect addresses, meaning it's unlikely any...(Read Full Post)