Abbas gins up anti-Israel incitement about Jerusalem to foment a third intifada

Mahmoud Abbas, having abandoned any semblance of adherence to the peace process, is now ramping up some of the most vicious incitement against Israel in a deliberate strategy to generate a third intifada. In his most provocative statements yet, Abbas gave a keynote address to an Arab gathering in Doha during which he claimed that Israel is out to erase any vestige of Arab-Islamic and Christian presence in East Jerusalem.  Specifically, he charged that Israel has plans to build a Jewish Temple on the ruins of A-Aqsa Mosque and denied any Jewish history in Jerusalem.  In a similar vein, he accused Israel of pursuing a strategy of "ethnic cleansing" to whittle down the Arab population, while Judaizing Israel's capital. All these charges, of course, are a tissue of lies but they're very dangerous lies, apt to arouse another intifada.  We've seen in recent days how the Muslim "street" can easily be prodded to resort to massive, deadly violence. Abbas' speech, in this regard,...(Read Full Post)