A New Gold Commission?

"The gold standard is a modern, digital, information-sharing, global operating standard.  Moreover, it is a stable, networking, efficient, price transmission system in the form of a stable international monetary standard," says Lewis E. Lehrman.  Big media is paying attention to proposals for a new Gold Commission.  This concept first was floated by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and reported by The Weekly Standard.  A Gold Commission then was proposed by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich as part of his (winning) campaign for South Carolina. Lehrman (with whose scholarly institute this writer professionally is associated) was mentioned in both instances. Rep. Ron Paul -- now campaigning for president, in large part, on the gold standard -- and Lehrman both served on the Reagan Gold Commission.  The Commission met well before the good Dr. Milton Friedman distanced himself from the theory known as monetarism.   Following a theory much in vogue the...(Read Full Post)