EPA Messing With Texas

Here in Texas we produce a variety of products and services, notably energy, agricultural, and technology related, but also across many sectors (including my own construction industry). We also create and produce jobs. In fact, we do it as well if not better than any other state.Part of the right formula for job creation here in Texas has been lower taxes and less regulations. We have no state income tax and our legislature meets infrequently, denying them opportunity to do much meddling. These simple principles has led many companies to set up in this State, and in return many job seekers fleeing their over regulated states to seek out some economic freedom. But not content to just let job creators do our specialty and bring the economy back, the Federal government seems hellbent on putting the regulatory hurt not only nationwide, but especially here in Texas. A new report issued this week by the Texas Public Policy Foundation details the looming job killers the Feds...(Read Full Post)