16 Americans go on trial in Egypt today (Update: Trial delayed)

My prediction that the US and Egypt would find a way out of this mess through some kind of compromise hasn't come to pass - yet. The New York Times is reporting frantic last minute negotiations seeking to prevent the certain rupture of relations if Egypt goes ahead with this kangaroo court: As late as Saturday evening, United States officials said they still could not predict what would happen when the trial opens Sunday. American diplomats, Egyptian lawyers and others involved in the case said the efforts had foundered amid a breakdown in the lines of authority within the military-led transitional government in the final months before the generals have pledged to leave power. American officials say they have tried to find Egyptian counterparts who might intercede, but Egyptian leaders say they cannot intervene in the judicial process. If the case is not resolved, Congress and the Obama administration have vowed to cut off the $1.55 billion in annual aid to Egypt, potentially...(Read Full Post)