Why Obamacare won't work: Reason #4,566

The crisis in health care is manageable - without the radical, extreme measures passed in the Affordable Care Act. USA Today reports that just 5% of patients account for 50% of health care spending. And just 1% account for 22% of the spending. That's about $90,000 per person, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. U.S. residents spent $1.26 trillion that year on health care. Five percent accounted for 50% of health care costs, about $36,000 each, the report said. The report's findings can be used to predict which consumers are most likely to drive up health care costs and determine the best ways to save money, said Steven Cohen, the report's lead author. While the report showed how a tiny segment of the population can drive health care spending, the findings included good news. In 1996, the top 1% of the population accounted for 28% of health care spending. "The actual concentration has dropped," Cohen said. "That's a big change." About one in five health care...(Read Full Post)