Time to get behind Romney

I wrote a piece a few weeks ago marshalling the case that Newt Gingrich would win the Republican nomination. That case was predicated on two major trends materializing. The first was that the nomination would come down to Newt and Mitt Romney. The second was that Gingrich would focus on big ideas that would clearly indicate that he was the conservative in the race and that Romney was not. Neither one of these developments has taken place .What happened? First, Romney used his large organizational and financial advantage to bludgeon Gingrich in Iowa through the deft use of super-pac money. "Money is the mother's milk of politics" and a fact of modern campaigning, one that dramatically reduced Gingrich's lead both in Iowa and nationally. Gingrich simply did not have the ammunition to respond. His early attempt to remain above the fray and not "go negative" was only realistic if he possessed a clear and unobstructed path to the nomination, which Gingrich did not. Secondly, Gingrich then...(Read Full Post)