Republicans and the Prevent Defense

Every four years, we play the Super Bowl of politics; the presidential election. And, for most of the elections since Reagan, the Republicans have fielded a team that seems unwilling to go on offense against the opposing team (the Democrats) in any serious or effective way. We already know going into the game that the Democrats are going to play dirty, cheat and do anything and everything possible. We also that the referees (the media) has already decided their desired winner of the game and will do everything they can to help achieve that goal. Still, with all those daunting obstacles, the Republicans periodically field a team that has the potential to win and win big. How do they win big? They field their best team: straightforward, unashamed, Courageous Conservatism.  This team has the offensive power of the 1984 San Francisco 49ers and the defensive dominance of the 1985 Chicago Bears. But for some very strange and odd reason, the Republicans do not play those teams. They...(Read Full Post)