Off teleprompter, Obama reveals his anti-business bias

Interesting article by Neil Munro in the Daily Caller about Obama's ad-libs during his teleprompter speeches that show far more clearly his anti-business, anti-free market bias than his prepared remarks would indicate: At a Jan. 11 event in the White House where Obama's published speech praised businesses for hiring American workers, for example, he departed from his prepared script to toughen his demands for business to cooperate with his political goals. The teleprompter text, distributed to reporters, included a quote from former Intel CEO Andy Grove, which explained the moral obligation he felt towards the United Sates after his 1956 escape from communism. The script used Grove's quote to set up the speech's political punchline. A moral obligation "is part of the responsibility that comes with being a leader in America. ... That's a responsibility we should all live up to," the text read. But Obama went in his own direction during his delivery, converting the "should"...(Read Full Post)