Obama's favorite billionaire's secretary at SoTU

Warren Buffet is Obama's favorite billionaire apparently because of Buffet's woefully underpaid secretary, Debbie Bosanek.  Bosanek, (an otherwise happy employee of 20 years,) allows our Demagogue-in-Chief the endlessly banal talking point that Buffet's tax rate is lower than his secretary's.  Tonight, Obama will honor Buffet's disabused secretary by having her sit in the First Lady's box to watch the SOTU.  No doubt Obama will further embarrass the poor thing and highlight how unfair her life is under the tax code Obama signed into law.  But rather than seeking to make Buffet's secretary happy by lowering her taxes, Obama will promise to make Buffet as unhappy as his secretary is by raising his taxes!  I believe this is Obama's economic plan called "spreading the misery around." For his part Warren Buffet, (no relation to Jimmy Buffet,) is keeping busy himself and recently wished the Chinese a Happy New Year by strumming the tune "I've been working on the...(Read Full Post)