Newt vs CNN; First Round TKO

Correspondent John King was lit up like a deer in the headlights by Newt Gingrich at the Republican presidential debate in South Carolina on 19 January. If audience reaction is a measure, King came across like a prissy cocker spaniel baiting a pit bull. Clearly Johnnie clueless had to put a rug cleaning bill and several pairs of knickers on his South Carolina per diem claim. You may recall that King works for Cable News Network (CNN); the 24 hour news advocacy channel begun by one of Jane Fonda's boy toys. King opened the debate with a banal, offensive, and irrelevant inquiry about Gingrich's second marriage. The opening question wasn't a hanging curve ball; it was more like a 30 MPH "fastball." Predictably, Newt hit it out of the park to a standing ovation. By morning, Gingrich was ahead of Mitt Romney in the Carolina polls. Clearly, the bitter ex-wife smear backfired. John King's smarmy imitation of Nina Totenberg was a coast-to-coast bust. Gingrich, like Clarence Thomas, knows that...(Read Full Post)