A Profile in Courage, Determination, and Dedication

It is unlikely that more than a handful of AT's readers share the opinions or politics of Christopher Hitchens.  He is militantly atheistic, and two of his most notable bêtes noires are Henry Kissinger and Mother Theresa, quite a pair to draw together! Yet it is equally unlikely that more than another handful do not stand in awe of his towering intellect, mastery of the language, and powerful, and sometimes elegant writing. He is dying of esophageal cancer.   Its onset was sudden, its progression rapid, and it has left him, physically, a shell of his old self.   For Descartes, it was Cogito ergo sum (I think, therefore I am).  For Christopher (never Chris), it has always been Scribo ergo sum (I write, therefore I am).   His illness may have slowed him down, but it has not stayed his hand.  He remains determined and dedicated to chronicle his journey thru his Hell, for write and speak he must, no matter the pain. Who among us could do as he...(Read Full Post)