Why Elections Are Like Riverboat Casinos

Many want to tinker with the venerable institution that is the electoral process.  This can be good thing.  I learned this lesson in Mississippi.Some years ago in Mississippi, they passed a law saying there could be casinos, but only if they floated.  The reasoning was that, except for the Mississippi River, all their rivers are shallow.  They envisioned charming little riverboats.  The government grossly underestimated the creativity and perseverance of  casino management who studied the law closely.  What they ended up with was a marvel of engineering--barges so large they were essentially enormous three-story buildings that floated on mammoth pontoons in a foot of water right on the shore of the Gulf Coast.  It became everything the lawmakers were trying to avoid.Professional political campaign managers have similarly penetrated the electoral system.  They have burrowed into every crevice of every county's laws to figure out...(Read Full Post)