Why Congressional Approval Ratings Are Meaningless

A slew of articles are telling Americans that approval ratings for the US Congress are horribly low, in the single digits. The accompanying polls inform us that Congress has lower approval ratings than pornography, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and herpes, among other entities designed to make us cringe. Congress's approval ratings are supposed to shock us. But they shouldn't. In fact, these numbers are an extremely poor indicator of anything. Why?  First, the real reason Congress's approval ratings are so low is because America is deeply divided about our future direction. This reality is reflected in the continuing inability of Congress to do anything about anything. Behind this reality is a fact. Most voters like and are willing to re-elect their own member of Congress. It is the other guy's member of Congress they despise. Conservative Republicans like me are perfectly happy to re-elect our own MC, while at the same time wanting to throw out Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid....(Read Full Post)