On the Playing Fields of Eton...

I spent the waning hours of Thanksgiving weekend in true American fashion, watching NFL football. Doing so, I was reminded of how we seem to be ignoring the key enzyme which enables the muscle function of the Great American Success Story: competition. Far too many among us are trying to eliminate the hard reality of winning and losing from our children's lives. Watching the camera close-ups of the two opposing coaches, whose game had gone into overtime and come down to a single play, a relatively easy field goal kick, I was struck by the calm resignation and acceptance displayed by both. Each had given it his best and his team had played the opponent to a stalemate. Yet one of them was going to leave the stadium a loser, a fact which could bode ill for his continued employment. For these men, and their fans and employers, winning is everything and their place in the world depends on their continuing to do exactly that. Yet both accepted the outcome with equanimity and decorum,...(Read Full Post)