Herman Cain should stick to making pizzas.

In an interview on Monday with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Herman Cain responded to a question about whether he agreed with President Obama's handing of the Libya situation in a way that can only be described as amateurish.  To fully appreciate what I mean, you need to watch this YouTube video: Herman Cain on Libya. As I watched Mr. Cain searching his mind for a response, I couldn't help but think about all the times I asked my strategy and leadership students questions about material they were supposed to have studied and saw that same blank stare.  When it happened, I knew that the student didn't have a clue.  On the first day of class each semester, I would lay down the law for my students.  Rule #1 was that they must come to class prepared to discuss the assigned material.  My modus operandi was to initiate discussion by calling on students randomly and asking them to tell the class about something specific that they had been told to read...(Read Full Post)