Yorktown vs Occupy Wall Street

This week over 230 years ago, the mighty British surrendered to the rag tag American patriot revolutionaries at Yorktown to cap off one of the most remarkable eras in world history. From what started as grassroots protestations over an invasive government unfolded into the creation of a democracy that has defined the centuries since, ultimately producing the greatest document of personal freedom and rights in the Constitution. Flash forward to present day and see two separate movements trying to claim the mantle of revolutionaries taking action to create change. Both groups are a response to the declining economy, the sense of unfairness and crony capitalism limiting access to success, and a belief that status quo politicians won't be the agents of change. While both groups are awfully angry, the targets of their respective ire is drastically different. These groups, of course, are the Tea Party movement and the upstart Occupy Wall Street protests. To begin looking at where each group...(Read Full Post)