Would Woody Allen cast Michelle Obama as Fielding Mellish's girlfriend?

Last year Woody Allen said Barack Obama was "brilliant" and opined that "it would be good...if he could be dictator for a few years."  Now the extreme leftist actor/director has developed a crush on Michelle Obama and according to The Internet Movie Data Base:   Woody Allen has confessed he'd love to cast American First Lady Michelle Obama in his next movie - if he can write the perfect role for her...He tells British TV show Daybreak, "If I was in a room with Michelle Obama and I thought she was right for a part, I wouldn't hesitate to ask her."   I couldn't help but think that a remake of "Bananas" could be just the ticket for Woody and Michelle.  The 1971 comedy tells the story of Fielding Mellish, an inept pseudo-intellectual twit who meets a radical college student and falls in love.  In his pathetic and failed attempt to win the heart of his radical girlfriend Fielding gets involved in a plot to overthrow a Latin American dictator.  Through a...(Read Full Post)