The sexual harrassment accusation against Herman Cain

"When did you stop beating your wife?" That's essentially what Politico foisted on Herman Cain last night. Herman Cain is accused of sexually harrassing two women, though no direct nor specific accusations are made, nor are facts presented to support it. There apparently was a settlement in the "1990's" under terms of non-disclosure when he was the CEO of the National Restaurant Association; meaning, no one gets to talk about the settlement, including Mr. Cain, nor the alleged victims, nor the attorneys. (Here is the Politico article.) So then, how does one "defend" himself after making a confidential settlement? Answer: you can't under these circumstances. And that's why this is a "when did you stop beating your wife?" scenario. There's no way to win and the implication is inherently prejudicial to Mr. Cain. Attorneys settle cases all the time under confidential terms. I certainly have. The point is of settlement, instead of taking the risks of litigation which is as certain as a...(Read Full Post)