What the Hollywood left will do for money

How about attending the birthday bash of a Chechen warlord and praising a man who applauded his security forces for attacking Muslim women who didn't wear a head covering?? Ramzan Kadyrov, the self-styled warrior king of Chechnya, has enjoyed multimillion-pound birthday celebrations complete with Hollywood actors and superstar musicians. The lavish party also marked 193 years since the founding of the Russian republic's capital, Grozny, which was ravaged by two wars with Russia. Mr Kadyrov, a devout Muslim, counts former boxing champion Mike Tyson and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as friends and is an admirer of sports cars and gold-plated weapons. No expense was spared as he relished the opportunity to show the world how far his republic has come since its war-torn days or, more pertinently, since he took charge. A bizarre mix of Hollywood stars added glitz to the ritzy celebrations. After strutting his stuff on stage, actor Jean-Claude Van Damme made his feelings for the...(Read Full Post)