What does Cain's 9-9-9 Plan Do, and Will the Plan Work?

Republicans need to understand and believe that a candidate's programs make sense, before  that candidate  is nominated and chosen to be their candidate for President.  As a registered Republican I am intrigued by the apparent popularity of Herman Cain.  He is a well-spoken, very intelligent man and he has a record of considerable accomplishment in terms of financial acumen, analytical and business skill.  He proclaims a 9-9-9 Plan.  Wondering what it entails, I went to his official campaign Website to learn.  It is explained there as follows for its initial phase: "Phase 1 - 9-9-9 Current circumstances call for bolder action. The Phase 1 Enhanced Plan incorporates the features of Phase One and gets us a step closer to Phase two. I call on the Super Committee to pass the Phase 1 Enhanced Plan along with their spending cut package. The Phase 1 Enhanced Plan unites Flat Tax supporters with Fair tax supporters. Achieves the...(Read Full Post)