West Virginia governor's race much closer than it should have been

The governor's race in West Virginia between Democrat Earl Ray Tomblin and GOP businessman Bill Maloney was razor close with Tomblin eking out a 50-47 victory in a state with a 2-1 registration edge to the Democrats. West Virginia also has one of the only improving economies in the nation, with unemployment below the national average, a balanced budget, and modest tax cuts in the last year. But the GOP strategy of tying Obama to Tomblin almost brought off a huge upset. CBS News: An unknown before entering the race, Maloney had stumped on his record as a successful businessman and employer. The 53-year-old Morgantown drilling engineer and millionaire also played a role in developing the rescue plan that freed the 33 trapped Chilean miners last year. But his campaign, and GOP-funded ads, began invoking Obama in late August. With the president seeking a second term in 2012, Republicans had angled for an outcome similar to last month's upset in a New York City special congressional...(Read Full Post)