Wash. Post whacks Israel during High Holidays - On the religion page no less

Lisa Miller, a Wash. Post religion writer and columnist, is a self-avowed Jew, who in her own words in the Oct. 1 edition confesses that "these days I'm not so crazy about Israel."  Born into a Jewish family but "without any formal religious education," she recently joined a Reform synagogue.  During High Holy Day services, when it comes to petitioning God to protect Israel, "I hesitate before I voice this plea."   ("In a season of introspection, coming to terms with Israel" page B2)  So why is she put off by Israel?  Well, she doesn't like that "on the eve of these holidays an at the moment when Mahmoud Abbas was making his bid at the United Nations for Palestinian statehood, Israel announced the approval of 1,300 new housing units in East Jerusalem." "I'm ashamed that Israel continues to draw criticism from human rights groups for the demolition of homes in the West Bank and, sharing the blame with the Palestinians, for waging a conflict over...(Read Full Post)