The Jihadist Vision of Tunisia's New 'Democratic' Leader

When the final tally is completed, Tunisia's Sharia-promoting Ennahda party is predicted to garner from 30% , to as much 50% of the popular vote (an unhappy medium of 40% was projected yesterday). Indeed the expatriate Tunisian vote tally for Ennahda has already been recorded as 50%, and, regardless, on the basis of its large plurality, the party is slated to play a major role in drafting Tunisia's new constitution.    Cartoon by Ronny Gordon The Ennahda party leader Rachid Ghannouchi gave an interview in May 2011 that elucidated, unabashedly, the essence of his disturbing Weltanschaaung. Not surprisingly his worldview hinges upon the destruction of Israel by jihad (here; translated by the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report): Ghannouchi maintains that altogether the Arab revolutions are positive for the Palestinians, and threaten to bring Israel to an end. He says that the Palestinian problem lies at the heart of the Nation [umma], and that all the land between the...(Read Full Post)