The Euro: Oh, Snap!

Over the last year, AT has highlighted the transparently anti-democratic, oligarchic nature of the European Project. Now, that lack of democratic legitimacy is on display for all to see. The European Union, the European Parliament, the Brussels bureaucracy and  the Euro currency do not rely on the consent of the governed for their legitimacy and efficacy. Rather, they rely on the will of the transnational European elite to sustain them in the face of popular opposition. Because the Euro and the EU itself largely exist in defiance of the will of the European electorate, the result is a profound illegitimacy in Europe's governing institutions. This illegitimacy is being reflected in popular and sometimes violent street demonstrations and in the steady rise of nationalist and neo-fascist political parties.  Switzerland's recent election was only the latest evidence of this.  Coupled with popular alarm over native population declines, the ebbing of Christian Europe and...(Read Full Post)