The essence of America revealed in Game 6 of the World Series

What is the essence of America?  That is no small question; the political divide in this country for the last hundred years, at least, has hinged on that question, on what this nation values. Traditionally America has represented not equality of outcome but equality of opportunity, and the son of a poor cobbler or blacksmith could become a tycoon through hard work and dedication. America is the land of the underdog, the place where dreams come true - or it used to be so considered. It still is among the many, many immigrants who come here, often with nothing, to build a better life for themselves and their children. Unlike most places around the globe, America is the place where dreams come through, provided one is ambitious enough, hard working enough, to make them. But Progressivism has been at work in America for a century or more, and the world-weary vision of despair and hopelessness has become enshrined in a large segment of the populace. This is an international...(Read Full Post)