'The Black US Attorney Has Common Cause with the Black Criminal'

According to Department of Justice whistleblower J. Christian Adams, AG Eric Holder has a certain something in his wallet.  It is a quotation -- and he has carried it for decades.  It essentially says, to quote Adams, "Blackness is more important than anything, and the black US attorney has common cause with the black criminal."  It's not surprising that Holder would feel this way about black lawyers and criminals. Because in his case they're one and the same. Holder, the man whose misfeasance led him to drop the infamous Black Panther voter-intimidation case, now may have done what all corrupt men, sooner or later, eventually do.  He has tripped up in his efforts to hide his misdeeds. The issue stems from the Fast and Furious scandal, which refers to a gun-walking operation in which ATF officials allowed thousands of firearms to make their way to Mexican drug-cartel criminals.  The operation was brought to light after a border-control agent named Brian Terry...(Read Full Post)