The Best of Dirty Dick Durbin

Illinois wasn't always the epicenter of political corruption and incompetence in America.  Let us not forget that Illinois is the Land of Lincoln and the birthplace of Ronald Reagan.  Of course that was long before Saul Alinsky, Hillary Rodham, Carol Mosley-Braun, Rod Blagojevich, Pat Quinn, Richard Daley, Barack Obama and Dick Durbin (to name just a few) turned our state into the laughing stock of America.    Recently The Bank of America (BOA) announced that it would be charging customers a monthly $5.00 debit card fee to off-set loses in revenue stemming from the "Durbin Amendment" to the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill.  Dick Durbin the senior U.S. Senator from Illinois took to the senate floor to attack BOA for daring to re-coop some of the loses that will be incurred by his ill-conceived and ill-considered amendment.  Dirty Dick called upon BOA customers to exact revenge by closing their accounts and taking their business elsewhere.   For some...(Read Full Post)