Some ally; Karzai says he'd back Pakistan in war with US

Gee - it's not like we've done anything for him - or his country. Guardian: The Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, has said he would side with Pakistan in the event of war with the US in a surprising political twist that is likely to disconcert his western allies. "If there is war between Pakistan and America, we will stand by Pakistan," Karzai said in a television interview. He put his hand on his heart and described Pakistan as a "brother" country. The statement was widely interpreted as a rhetorical flourish rather than a significant offer of defence co-operation. Despite recent tension between Pakistan and the US, open warfare is a remote possibility. Karzai - who is scrambling to ensure his political future in advance of the US military drawdown in 2014 - needs Pakistani help to bring the Taliban to peace talks. In the event of any conflict, his army, which is wholly dependent on US money and training, would be in no position to back Pakistan. Nevertheless, the interview with Geo,...(Read Full Post)