Seven Billion People: Over-Population or Birth Dearth?

In what was perhaps the biggest global birthday celebration in decades, our planet welcomed its seven billionth person. Although no one knew the exact time or day population totals would reach that count, the United Nations declared Monday, October 31 to be the expected date that would symbolically mark the occasion. Likewise, no one knew for sure who exactly the seven billionth person would be or where he or she would be born, so "7-billionth babies" all over the world were welcomed. In the Philippines, Danica May Camacho was greeted to joyous ovation and was presented with a huge birthday cake with the inscription "7B Philippines." Although she was born on Sunday at 11:58 pm, doctors at Manila's Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital considered it within close enough proximity to be deemed a Monday birth. Yet, not everyone extended a warm and hearty greeting to these newborns. Along with the festivities came words of caution from those berating our planet's limited resources and supposed...(Read Full Post)