Poll shows blame for Washington, not Wall Street, for economy

A poll conducted by The Hill shows that a solid majority of Americans blame Washington more than Wall Street for the nation's economic troubles. About 1/3 believe that Wall Street is primarily to blame: In the minds of likely voters, Washington, not Wall Street, is primarily to blame for the financial crisis and the subsequent recession. That is the key finding of this week's The Hill poll, which comes as the national Occupy Wall Street movement - a protest that objects to risky practices and excessive salaries at major banks, along with American income disparities in general - enters its second month. The movement appears to have struck a chord with progressive voters, but it does not seem to represent the feelings of the wider public. The Hill poll found that only one in three likely voters blames Wall Street for the country's financial troubles, whereas more than half - 56 percent - blame Washington. Moreover, when it comes to the political consequences of the protest, voters tend...(Read Full Post)