Pew Study Results: Obama is the Victim of Negative Press

Sometimes you see a headline that just makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. This is one of those times. Imagine anybody believing that Obama is a victim of the press. In an AP report on a Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism study picked up by ("Study says Obama is victim of negative press") they are claiming that Obama has received more negative press than any of the other presidential candidates. "Obama has been the victim of "unrelentingly negative" coverage in the media, said the report, which looked at coverage of candidates between early May and early October."  And it's not just MSNBC jumping on the bandwagon.'s Brian Montopoli parroted: "President Obama 'has suffered the most unrelentingly negative treatment' of all presidential candidates over the past five months." And Politico's Hagey: "Obama has received the most unremittingly negative press of any of the presidential candidates by a wide margin, with negative assessments outweighing...(Read Full Post)