OWS are groupies

The OWS protestors are nothing but groupies. They don't care that rap stars rake it in, and Susan Sarandon earns millions of dollars a film.  After all, rappers and actors are stars -- like Obama is a rock star.  Lefties are groupies.  They look up to others like brothers looking up to communist leaders. They march in place to the music of their emotional dictators.  Yet they are incensed that the unglamorous Wall Street CEO's earn millions. Businessmen are not pretty  nor cool like stars.  Why should they be rich? It doesn't bother them that Cruise offers meaningless entertainment while Wall Street businessmen create jobs, small businesses and investment opportunities. They occupy Wall Street and try  to shut it down, while costing tax payers money and interfering with financing business and jobs. They have semi-gay crushes on actors. They are groupies who coddle stars and insult the Wall Street businesses that support them, produce jobs and...(Read Full Post)