OSW demonstrators clueless about taxes and government economic policy

This probably reflects a general ignorance by Americans about tax rates, and how the economy and government function. But still, these demonstrators claim to represent the 99%. You'd think they would at least get their facts right. New York Magazine asked 50 OWS demonstrators a series of questions and their responses are quite revealing. 1. What is the Dodd-Frank Act? 84% of protestors answered that they didn't know what the most significant financial regulation legislation since the 1930's was all about.Only 10% got it right. 2. Does Obama control the Federal Reserve? 74% got this one right. 3. Who is the chairman of the Fed? 38% got this one right. But fully 20% answered "some white guy," "some idiot," or "He's Jewish." 6. What is the SEC? 68% didn't know. 7. What is the top marginal tax rate for the richest 1%? 32% answered between 10-25%. 30% answered between 0-10%. Only 10% got it roughly right (35%) 9. What does government spend more on - health care, pensions, and education or...(Read Full Post)