'Occupy Wall Street' a nearly all white endeavor

They call themselves the "99 percenters" - alluding to the supposed one percent of rich people who control the country. But as Michelle Malkin points out to the Daily Caller, "When Occupy Wall Street activists call themselves the '99 percent,' it turns out they mean 99 percent non-diverse (by their own politically correct measurements)." Malkin notes that: One thing you won't hear the MSM harp on the way they harped about the Tea Party: The overwhelmingly pale face of the "99 percent" movement. Just like their ideological elders in the liberal media, they are a lot more skilled at carping over lack of proportional representation among conservative institutions and the GOP than they are at demonstrating it in their own ranks. From the DC article: Though a few representatives of minority groups have appeared among the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters in New York City, photos and videos of the left-wing mini-throngs indicate they suffer from a serious lack of diversity. And the...(Read Full Post)