Occupy DC to 'secede?'

It's both humorous and pathetic. Ed Morrissey notes, via Daily Caller, that the spokesman for ODC has a small problem with remembering American history. Said the spokesman: "They're basically doing everything the Forefathers were doing in 1775 when they developed our Constitution." Actually, that's not even close, champ. In 1775, our forefathers were trying to get the British to negotiate. In 1776, when King George III sent back a reply that called them traitors for challenging his authority, they began working on the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution, which didn't get started until 1787. And I'm pretty sure that it didn't get approval one sentence at a time, either. As for the "secession," what Anthony Sluder is actually describing here is an autonomous collective, not a city. They're missing quite a few things that cities usually have, including roofs, permanent infrastructure, and an independent economy. There is nothing illegal about forming an autonomous...(Read Full Post)