Obama's 'tide of war' idiocy

When President Obama announced the withdrawal of all American troops from Iraq by the end of 2011 Friday, he said, "The tide of war is receding," and used this statement as justification for the decision to leave. The statement is one of the most idiotic, misleading and just plain false statements Obama has made about the Middle East since he took office. There have been many others but this one stands out for its ignorance and duplicity. The tide of war in the Middle East is most certainly not receding. It is exactly the opposite and this is in large part because of Obama's feckless foreign policy and refusal to stand up for American interests in the region and support American allies there.  Because of American weakness and intransigence, a large-scale conflagration involving many players is inevitable and this has to be placed on Obama's shoulders. American respect and influence in the Middle East has been almost totally diminished since Obama took office.  All over the...(Read Full Post)