Obama's bus tour a flat failure

The question is, when will reality set in for Obama? Closing out his bus tour on a low-key note, President Obama made a pitch for his jobs package at a firehouse, where a subdued crowd needed a bit of prompting to applaud his proposal to boost the economy. Anytime a crowd needs "prompting" to applaud what a president says - especially on friendly turf with presumably his core supporters in attendance - you might want to get out the butter and jam because you know the prez is toast. Obama visited Fire Station 9 to draw attention to a major piece of his $447-billion jobs package. He wants to spread $35 billion among states and cities, in part to prevent layoffs of police and firefighters, and would pay for it with a surtax on millionaires. Congress may vote on that measure as early as this week. On Wednesday afternoon, Obama stood at a lectern against a backdrop of firefighters and offered his prescription for solving the persistent jobs crisis: "A fair shot for everybody; a fair...(Read Full Post)