Obama framing the election narrative

Desperate to avoid responsibility for the economy wrought by Stimulus-based Obamanomics, the Obama re-election organization is framing the GOP as responsible for preventing him from fixing things.  Helped along by Mitch ("The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president") McConnell, the media are helping pin the tail on the elephant. This is an entirely false impression, as demonstrated by Matt Mackowiak in the New York Post: President Obama last week blasted Congress for refusing to "act." He's right; it won't. But Obama ought to focus the blame where it really belongs: on his own party. Because it's the Democrats in Congress who are causing gridlock -- intentionally -- especially those in the Senate, which has been in Democratic hands for nearly five years now. (snip) The only significant legislation the Senate has passed this year is so-called "must pass" bills (debt-ceiling hike, continuing resolutions to prevent a...(Read Full Post)