Obama Finds A Teacher who Supports More Money For Schools

The White House has found another school teacher who supports the American Jobs Plan, specifically a bite-size $25 billion "investment in school infrastructure" that Obama chipped off from his half-trillion dollar Jobs Plans so that dim-witted Republicans could comprehend it.  The teacher's name is Jeannette and she teaches somewhere in California. The White House blog shows a picture of Jeannette, and while she looks like a very pleasant woman, we aren't given any further specifics. Her last name and school would be helpful. Is she teaching in Watts or Malibu? Jeannette has this to say: "Our class shares one laptop, and it's not in good shape." I will take Jeannette's word for this, but it's surprising given that computer companies, state and local governments and charitable foundations have been pushing to get computers into classrooms for decades, and many schools these days have stacks of laptops available. Are there no computers available in Jeannette's school...(Read Full Post)