Just how bad is the food crisis in North Korea?

The government of Kim Il Song says they need massive food aid to avoid a catastrophe this winter. Floods and typhoons significantly affected the rice harvest and without a concerted effort by the world community, millions would be at risk of starving to death. Or not. You can never tell with North Korea when they are lying or when their assessment of the situation is accurate. In the current "crisis," the US and South Korea are withholding aid on the assumption that the North Korean government would divert the shipments to feed their military and regime elites first. Even the UN has questions about how bad the situation is. Reuters: The U.N.'s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), for instance, said last month after visiting the North that "the damage was not so significant." Another U.N. body, the World Food Programme, which has a regular presence in the North, warned in March of growing hunger. The sharp divergence of views is one reason why the U.N.'s emergency relief...(Read Full Post)