Issa to FBI's Mueller: 'Agent Terry's Family and the American Public Deserve to Know'

The preponderance of questions without answers is reaching critical mass in the Fast and Furious scandal.  In an October 20  letter addressed to FBI Director Robert Mueller, Congressman Darrell Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley addressed the "limited information officially released surrounding the circumstances"  of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's murder on December 14, 2010.  Two AK-47's linked to the Fast and Furious gun walking operation were retrieved at the crime scene.  But taped conversations between an ATF agent and a gun dealer as well as private utterances between border patrol agents and Brian Terry's mother at his funeral suggest a third gun was also found. In the letter Issa and Grassley submitted a list of 16 questions centering on which gun killed Brian Terry, how many guns were actually carried by the illegal aliens shooting at the agents and why the report on the two acknowledged AK-47'S remain inconclusive. 2)  Despite the...(Read Full Post)