Is Mark Block Herman Cain's ObamaGirl?

There's a new political video ad in town featuring a hard-nosed, gritty guy who says he just wants his country back. His name is Mark Block and he works for Herman Cain. He looks like one of the 53% who are sick and tired of political correctness, runaway debt and DC hacks with no common sense. Block's scruffy appearance and worn-out stare in the black and white video reflects the mood of fed-up Americans. And when he lights up at the end, well, after three years of the One, it's a lot more captivating than a scantily-clad Obamagirl. We've come a long way in three years from Team Obama's sexy, seductive ad aimed at the hook-up culture, to a middle-aged unapologetic smoker targeted straight at Tea Party types. The 2010 election not only gave Republicans a majority in Congress it changed the national political conversation.  Now there's off-the-beaten track men like Cain and his chief of staff challenging the status quo on both sides of the...(Read Full Post)