Iran wants access to plotter

The Iranians have demanded consular access to Manssor Arbabsiar, the man accused of involvement in the plot to kill the Saudi ambassador. Arbabsiar holds dual American-Iranian citizenship. Reuters: President Barack Obama said Thursday that Iran -- already at odds with Western governments over its nuclear program -- would face the toughest possible sanctions and the United States would not take any options off the table, the standard code to refer to possible military action. Iran's Foreign Ministry summoned the Swiss charge d'affaires who represents U.S. interests in the country that broke ties with Washington shortly after the 1979 Islamic revolution. "There is no doubt regarding the baselessness of the U.S. allegations," a ministry official told the Swiss representative, according to state broadcaster IRIB. "However, providing personal information about the accused and consular access to him is among the duties of the U.S. government. Any delay in that respect would be in...(Read Full Post)