Here's a GOP Economic Stimulus Plan

The GOP presidential candidates have been missing a great "teaching moment" at these televised debates. They did it again this week at the Bloomberg-hosted debate up at Dartmouth College. What's your specific plan to get us out of this Great Recession, Charlie Rose asked each candidate. Well, Herman Cain's got "9-9-9." Mitt Romney and John Huntsman are the wonkier-than-thou candidates. They've each had detailed, thoughtful economic plans out there on their web sites for months. They'll talk about 'em too - until, as they say in Texas, the last dog has been hung. And, speaking of Texas, there also was Texas Governor Rick Perry. Perry's got a detailed economic plan out too - and another one on health care. He proved unable to talk about either of them Tuesday night but, by golly, they're there. Go and read them. Or maybe you shouldn't. That's my point. We don't need no stinkin' economic stimulus plan. We don't need to "do." We need to "un-do." Next debate, GOP hopefuls, seize the...(Read Full Post)