Hassling Its Own Citizens

Fox News reports that police were called because a man in a mall "took photos of his 4-year-old daughter, Hazel, eating ice cream at Braehead shopping center." Nothing suspicious was happening besides the photo taking, it was just a father savoring some adorable memories with his daughter (see picture here). The man was banned from the mall, told to delete the photos, and almost got his phone confiscated which he was told could be done under the "Prevention of Terrorism Act." This is what happens when the government refuses to name the enemy. Like John Bolton says, "Radical Islam is the main source of terrorism that we should be concerned about." What this means is you go after Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other Islamist entities who are actively producing terrorists who wish to kill Americans; you don't go after American families who are bonding with ice cream. Follow me on Twitter for updates on my commentary. (Read Full Post)