Hanson's Take On OWS

The Classical scholar, turned social and political analyst, Victor Davis Hanson, has an interesting take on the mindset of the collegiate component of the OWS movement. Hanson opines that the young graduates that seem the most vehement in their anger have the sneaky realization that they have been had. They have been suckered into obtaining expensive useless degrees. Many are furious that they have or soon will have very expensive degrees, bought at the price of either exorbitant loans or near insolvent parents who paid the $100,000-200,000 for today's BAs. The students cannot rage against the modern corrupt, but ideologically sacrosanct, university. There, diversity czars outnumber French professors. Academic success is calibrated by avoiding introductory undergraduate classes - and all for the "student." About the only jobs available to those snookered into getting therapeutic rage-based degrees in PC think would be jobs as community organizers. Hanson contrasts his college...(Read Full Post)