Graph for the Day for October 11, 2011

"A lot of the problems that this economy is facing are problems that predate the financial crisis -- middle-class families seeing their wages and their incomes flat, despite rising costs for everything from health care to a college education. And so folks have been struggling not just for the last three years; they've been struggling for over a decade now."  President Obama, October 6, 2011.  Source:  Sentier Research. Hoven's Index for October 11, 2011 Decline in real median household income during recession (12/07-6/09):  3.2% Decline in real median household income during recovery (6/09-6/11):  6.7% Declines in real median household incomes during recovery: For non-hispanic Blacks: 9.4% (to $31,784) For Hispanics: 4.9% (to $39,901) For non-hispanic Whites: 4.7% (to $56,320)  Source:  Sentier Research. Graph of the Day Archive. (Read Full Post)