George Will on Romney: Has conservatism come so far for this?

Regardless of what you think of George Will, he has been a steady voice of reason on the right for 40 years. The fact that he is now considered an establishment figure is inevitable; he has been fighting for conservative causes before most of his critics were even born. When Will began penning his columns, conservatism was discredited. There is little doubt he helped galvanize the right and his support of Reagan for president helped sell the Gipper's candidacy to the inside the beltway crowd. And now he has turned his considerable intellect and influence on the problem with Mitt Romney: A day after refusing to oppose repeal of Kasich's measure, Romney waffled about his straddle, saying he opposed repeal "110 percent." He did not, however, endorse the anti-mandate measure, remaining semi-faithful to the trans-Appalachian codicil pertaining to principles, thereby seeming to lack the courage of his absence of convictions. Romney, supposedly the Republican most electable next November,...(Read Full Post)